Monday, November 28, 2016


Happy Day Post Thanksgiving, otherwise known in my house as Week O’ Christmas Decorating! 🎅

Thanksgiving was a very quiet day in the Nielsen house. With the mega-cold having hit both me and Nick, we spent much of the past two weeks just trying to get over it. While I had pretty much kicked it out of my system, Nick was still going through the last stages, so we decided to stay home and keep our germs to ourselves. But that doesn't mean we skipped Thanksgiving! Even with just the two of us (and baby in belly), we celebrated with turkey and trimmings, whipped up by yours truly. And it was good! There was no traveling, so we didn’t get out our pajamas. The day was quiet, even the dogs were mellow; we watched the Macy's Day Parade and a couple of movies. Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic and we ate way more than we should have, then we drifted off into cozy turkey comas. 

We also realized that this was the first and probably only holiday that Nick and I will ever spend, just the two of us. With the baby on the way (and hopefully another one in the next couple of years), it’s doubtful that we will ever spend another holiday by ourselves, but I’m okay with that. The thought of having my own little family to create memories with during the holidays thrills me to no end! I can’t wait to go all out and make Christmas as magical for my children as my mother did for me. Even now, just seeing the awestruck look on Shorty’s face every year whenever she looks around the house at the decorations, confirms for me that I’m doing it right! But we typically don’t get her on Christmas morning, so we miss out on that excitement. One day soon, when we have a house large enough for everyone to come to us for the holidays, we’re hoping we’ll get to share Christmas morning with her.

We didn’t do Black Friday…we don’t ever do Black Friday. Crowds make me angry and sleeping in makes me happy, so for the sake of every shopper out there, I stayed home, kept my road rage (shopping carriage rage) to myself and rested. 

And again, the day was good! I started decorating the house, too. I got through a couple of totes…okay, only two out of ten. Yes, I’m that crazy Christmas person. Now I do know crazier Christmas people, but I love to decorate! I still have to clean off the top of the entertainment center for boughs and decorations, and the top of the roll-top desk for my abundant Christmas village. Annnnd the kitchen table, which will serve as tree central for the next month. 

With our house being so small, it’s hard to find space for a full sized tree. But we bought one anyway, with the intention of cutting the first 4 feet off the top to serve as a mini tree, then the rest will be clipped into boughs for decorating. Having it on the table will also keep it out of Ripley’s range! The cats will still get at it, but we’ll tie it off to the window frame to avoid knock overs and secure the ornaments tightly to each branch, with plastic and soft ones on the bottom half of the tree. The two older cats just like to sit under it, smell it, occasionally rub their face on the branches. Sid likes the garland. Ory is the only one that we don’t know about yet. Fingers crossed that she leaves it alone.

Memories of Christmas Past
Little Nymbus in 2007

And here he is 9 yrs and 15 lbs later

Sadie the Reindeer - I miss this baby.

Plato the Reindeer - I miss this big lug, too!

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