Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kool Aid Dyeing...Oooooooooh Yeah!

After finally…FINALLY…turning the corner with this cold, I attempted something that I’ve wanted to do for about a month now.  Kool Aid dyeing!  It’s more simple than I imagined.  I read a bunch of different tutorials, to see how others were making it, then finally just said to “heck with it” and just jumped right in.

I pulled off several yards of Patons Classic Wool Yarn in Aran color (creamy white) that my Dad's cousin in British Columbia sent to me and tied it off in about four places with a small piece of the same yarn.  I soaked that in clear lukewarm water in the sink for a few minutes, while I mixed a packet each of Berry Cherry and Black Cherry into a pot with lukewarm water.  Once every thing was mixed fully, I gently laid the yarn into pot and gently pressed down with a spoon to fully immerse it, but not agitate it (didn't want it to start felting!).

I turned the heat up on the stove to just over midway and waited for it to just start to bubble.

I turned off the heat and let it cool for about an hour (I was doing something else and actually forgot about it...oops!).  The color in the pot had turned almost clear, as the yarn had absorbed it all.

I poured the water out and gently rinsed out any leftover color in the yarn in cold water.  Then let it hang off the facet to drip dry above the sink.

It lightened up considerably more than I expected and is almost a pinkish color now. Its not a horrible color, mind you, but not the color I was going for. I think next time I'll use more than two packets of mix and see if that results in a deeper color.

Oh, and note to self: don't leave yarn where a bored black lab puppy can reach it. She didn't chew it up...but she did pull it and another skein apart, so I had this lovely yarn display stretched across the living room to the kitchen door. She also chewed apart a plastic cord that was hooked to her training clicker, a bottle of cold medicine (that she thankfully didn't puncture), a bag of Funyons that was almost empty.  All of which HAD been on the coffee table.

I love this dog. I love this dog. I love this dog. She's just a puppy and this phase will pass.  I have to keep reminding myself of this!!

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