Saturday, December 24, 2016

Ho Ho Ho from the Hospital

On Monday night, my water only 26 weeks. But I didn't know that's what happened.  I thought I was having bladder control issues. I called my midwife and was informed that it's very, very difficult to break your water that early on in a pregnancy.  So I went to bed and throughout the next day, kept feeling like I was about to pee myself. Finally at about noon, I called the midwives back, left a message and at 3:00, I got a call back, requesting that I get my butt up to the hospital ASAP.  

I had two exams, one by the resident and then another by one of my midwives.  The two agreed that I needed to be further evaluated and off I went via ambulance to Portland, where I had yet ANOTHER exam that confirmed that I had, indeed, broken my water. And because my little man has no amniotic fluid to surround him, he is at high risk and therefore, I am on bed rest, hooked 24/7 to a fetal monitor when my fluid is low and allowed off for 4 hours at a time when my fluid levels are higher. It's a full rupture, meaning that I'm going NOWHERE.

So here I sit, waiting for Little Mr. Man to decide what his plan is.  Will he come early or will he stay put for the next 8 weeks, when the doctors will deliver him via c-section (because he's transverse breech)? It's completely his call.  I have no say in the matter, I'm just his mother! 

Since I'm not allowed to leave the hospital for Christmas, we had to make Christmas come to the hospital, by decorating my room; my husband brought all the presents I needed to wrap, along with my wrapping supplies down to me; he brought me construction paper to make paper garland and the kite paper I ordered from Bella Luna to make window stars. He ran from store to store, at the last minute, to find stockings and a table cloth for our little tree that my friend sent me. He has also made many trips home to pack things up for my stay, many trips to his parents to take care of our Miss Ripley (Mr. Ted Head is enjoying being the only dog at my folks house) and many trips to get me food. My husband is my rock and I am beyond grateful to have him here. There is no way I would be this calm about what's happening without him. We have an amazing support system, too, between family and friends always checking in and offering to help out! I am utterly thankful and blessed.

The little angel atop my tree.

And right now, I'm good, other than a head cold sweeping over me. I have no pain, no contractions, no bleeding.  Little Mr. Man has a strong heartbeat and is squirming like a wiggle worm. We're just sitting tight, taking it day by day and hoping that he stays put for as long as he can.

So from my family to yours, Happy Solstice, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas! May your days leading up to the new year be blessed and bright.

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