Friday, October 28, 2016

Still Rockin' the Room

The kids' room is nowhere near complete, but we're still working.  The lower walls are "hilled." The bookshelves are painted and anchored to the wall.

I have trees started, but not finished, so they look like messy green blobs on the wall and ceiling.  The bookshelves need leaf stencils and tree trunk details on the bottom.  I've also painted Shorty's side table to look more tree stump-like (no pictures yet). 

BUT...Dragon Mountain is pretty well done.  I still think he needs mist around the mountain.  

No, I did not paint the dragon. He is an incredibly well done peel and stick by a company called Wall Monkeys, that I found on Amazon. It was so easy to put this guy up by myself! Nick and I love him soooooo much - we can't wait for Shorty to see him!!

And of course, painting would not be complete without helper cats.  The two older cats came in, checked it out and left (they've been through many, many room repaints and renovations). The kittens (well, they're both a year old now) had to inspect everything, play with every little piece of tape, inspect the paint and brush up against newly painted walls! Sid (the all black one) has blue paint on her tail, on the tops AND bottoms of her feet, on both side. I just shake my head!

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