Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It's Official...We're Insane!

And by we, I mean me and my husband.  We used to say no more big dogs. They're messy, always in the way, expensive and just big pains in the butt.  Then we lost Sadie in April and Plato in August. And their loss has been palpable.

For a month, Nick and Shorty have been vocalizing their want of another big dog.  I finally gave in. We went to see dogs at a local shelter, but none of them clicked, much to our dismay.  So doing what I do best, I jumped on the internet and started searching all the humane societies in Maine and then hit upon a lab rescue who is having an event this Saturday.  I put in the application for pre-approval, they called our vet and our references this morning.

Now we just have to wait for notification from them.  If it comes before Saturday, I'll find myself checking out black and chocolate labs that morning!

We really are insane! I'm just over 4 months pregnant and we're looking at getting a freakin' lab!

UPDATE: We've been pre-approved!! Buuuuuut, where we have such a busy day Saturday, we're going to hold off until next weekend to check out dogs.  Hopefully, this guy will still be available!

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