Friday, October 21, 2016

Rockin' the Room!

With the new baby on the way, and living in a VERY small space, we've had to get creative with storage and where we plan to stick this kiddo at night.  We live in a two bedroom duplex and unfortunately the 2nd bedroom is tiny and has a terrible slant, due to the fact that the duplex is a saltbox.  When Nick and Shorty moved in, the room was my craft room and had a futon for anyone spending the night. I turned part of that room into her space, since she was only going to be with us on the weekends. 

With the limited space, we realized that the baby will have to share this room with Shorty. This prompted my husband and I to really rethink how we want to do this. Finally a plan was hatched: a quarter of my crafting stuff moved to our bedroom and the rest to the basement. The futon was traded for a twin bed, taking up MUCH less space. And now, the room has been completely emptied, as we prep for new paint, a woodland design, dragons and woodland critters and a whole lot of creative fun!

I'm going with a light blue for the walls, as a base and the green for the very bottom, to create a grass effect.  I will be adding acrylics to create clouds, trees and all that fun stuff. 

I found a really cool peel and stick dragon wall decal on Amazon that will be incorporated on Shorty's side. The baby will have cute little critters: 

Dragons and baby woodland critters - that's how we roll in the Nielsen house!

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