Friday, July 29, 2016

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted ~ Vacation, Have to Get Away

At the last minute, Nick and I decided to take an actual vacation.  We debated DC (DC in July...god help us!), flying to Michigan to see his family (not in the budget), taking the train to Boston and spending a night (Boston in July...eek!).  Finally we decided on a staycation. We rented a cute little cottage at a campground in Rockport and whisked ourselves away for a mini-adventure!


We weren't totally roughing it...we had a pool that we spent every day in, because it was in the high 80's the entire time we were there.


There was an oceanside observation deck on the other side of the campground that offered a gorgeous view.


We hit Mount Battie for some breathtaking scenery of Camden Harbor.


We walked all the way out to the Breakwater in Rockland and then Owl's Head Light

Poor Miss Shorty was EXHAUSTED after the near mile she had to walk...just before this picture was taken she looked back across the breakwater to shore and asked, "Do I have walk all the way back?? Can't we swim back?"

At Owl's Head, she wasn't entirely impressed that we were walking out to another lighthouse, but we hit the rocky beach, where we was able to play at the edge of the water and all annoyance at having to "walk so far" was forgotten.

We also spent a day wandering the shops of Camden, sitting by the harbor and watching the boats come in and out, we chilled out at the library for a bit and wandered their beautiful lawns.

All in all, it was one of the most fantastic vacations I've ever taken!

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