Monday, July 18, 2016

Slacky McSlacker

That is my new name! I've been the world's worst slacker when it comes to blog posting and toy making.  My efforts have been going into the garden, which is growing but slowly.  

Every weekend has felt like a marathon of stuff.  Go here, do this, get's been exhausting!  We did manage to get in a quick trip to Bug Light in South Portland and an hour of playing tourist on Commercial Street in Portland with a late lunch at Three Dollar Dewey's (seriously good ribs!!). Ms. Shorty and I got in some swimming at my folks house, while my poor husband slaved a way during his on call shift. 

Soon though, we'll be taking an ACTUAL vacation!  We rented a little cabin at a campground on the coast.  We're hoping to get in some hiking, some beach time, check out another lighthouse or two and another chance to play tourist. It will be an interesting time, as we're going unplugged and little Ms. Tech-Obsessed will be without her beloved iPad!  

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