Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Saturday, we took a road trip to Kingston, NH for opening day of the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire. Miss Shorty wanted to be a dragon (but of course), so I sewed her a lightweight dragon costume with wings and a tail.  She was the only dragon there and received many compliments, which thrilled her to no end!

I found a great, lightweight, cotton shirt and vest from Zootzu Garb on Etsy. I was very impressed with their products and their shipping was quite speedy. Nick loved the way they felt and he was comfortable all day. Unfortunately, it was rather chilly and misty, so we vowed for next year, we'd get cloaks...or I'd attempt to make them (watch, next year will be sunny and hot!). 

I didn't get any picts of me, sad to say.  But I spent the day wearing a fleece jacket over my tunic dress and leggings.  

I really loved listening to the music! 

We saw a knight in full armor, on his way to escort the Queen:

Wandered through the encampment:

Saw the jousting games:


We just had a ton of fun, wandering all over, and after about 2 1/2 hours, we decided to pack it in and head for home.  Next year, we want to come later in the day and stay for the Beltane celebration.

Guess I better start thinking about costumes and cloaks for next year!

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