Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Herb...the Flower and Herb Garden

Finally, we finished fencing and mulching and laying down drainage rock by the foundation! And we named this little slice of flowery and herby goodness, Herb...because, well, obviously.  It's an herb garden, why not call it Herb?

Yes, my husband and I are weirdos...but we're nice weirdos.

This is the purple bearded iris that I thought was dead when I transplanted it from my old house, so I threw it next to the bulkhead, thinking it would mulch into the did more than mulch, much to my delight!

Herbs and catnip - yeah, I'm probably asking for it, growing this with neighbor cats out patrolling.

I planted lupines and a low growing verbena in this corner.

This old, green mailbox used to hang next to the porch door at the house I grew up in.  You have to pull down on the handle to roll it open.  I put my garden spade and claw in it. To the left is bee balm in both red and lavender. To the right is an orange double day lily.

We still have a lot to plant, but I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing this lovely patch.  I have designs for a trellis floating around in my head.  That may be on the agenda for this long holiday weekend.

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