Saturday, April 30, 2016

Itching to Plant

Oh, spring in Maine. It’s best summed up in one quote, “Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk!”

We went from wearing long sleeves and light sweatshirts on Monday, to a winter coat and an inch of snow on Tuesday, to a heavy frost and a sunny 50 degrees on Wednesday (insert exasperated eye roll here). The rest of the week has been a roller coaster - 50's and 30's to 60's and 40's. For those of us who are itching to plant, this isn’t the best of weather. But winter was nowhere near what it has been in the past, so I guess I can’t complain…well, I mean I can, but nobody will listen.  I know it's getting there.  And I know I could probably put in some peas already, but you just never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at you in April!

I received my seed order from High Mowing not too long ago and since then, I’ve had dirt on the brain. Bush beans and cabbage, cauliflower and starburst carrots, sweet corn and pumpkins and buttercup squash have all been calling to me, “plant me…plaaaaaaaant me!” And I’ve had to tell them all, “This is Maine. It’s too early. Go back to sleep!” But still they call from their shelve in the kitchen. Soon my seedy little friends, soon.

This is my first year trying High Mowing. I try to stick with Fedco and Johnny's (since they're local and pretty awesome), but I've heard such great things about High Mowing, that I wanted to try I added them to the mix. I probably have more than I could ever plant now, but that's not a bad thing!

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