Thursday, April 21, 2016

In Search of Dragons

My stepdaughter is obsessed with dragons. I'm pretty sure that the topic of dragons comes up at least four dozen times a day. So when I started making my little wooden animals, I knew that I'd have to make Ellie some dragons.

Well, after I finished sealing some of the toys, she was checking out the finished product and she asked the inevitable question: "Can I play with them?"  I hated to have to tell her no, but I had already listed them for sale in the shop; they were product.  But I promised her that I would make her some of her own, so she could play with them.

About 20 minutes later came the inevitable NEXT question: "Can you make me dragons?"

How could I say no to that face??? 

So this past weekend, I designed and cut out wooden dragons for Ellie!

I made a winged dragon and a water dragon.

I tried my hand at using watercolor paint on them, rather than acrylic and spray shellac, rather than the water-based sealer.  Using watercolor paint did NOT produce the effect I wanted, so I went back to acrylic and I loved the spray shellac (painting on shellac is awful and I don't recommend it!).

I may just have to make a new category in the shop...Faery Tree Fantasy Collection!

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