Sunday, September 4, 2016


So today, while we were running errands, I made the mistake of letting Nick and Shorty wander off alone in PetSmart...we came home with a new cat.

This stunning girl with the orange eyes is Oráiste (pronounced Oh-rash-ta), which is gaelic for orange. She's sweet, lovable, cuddly and quite frankly, we couldn't resist her.

She found the catnip right away and made herself at home (ignore the mess by the pellet stove, there are dog and cat toys everywhere over there!).


She's the only one, of the four, that knows how to jump the gate upstairs (which is meant to keep the cats from coming upstairs...hmmmmm, might have to rethink this). 

There will be a period of adjustment, but hopefully the whole menagerie will get along...eventually.

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