Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chicken-proofing Herb

Herb the flower and herb garden has been pretty well destroyed...thanks to the damn chickens! The big ones started it, digging up the mulch and trompling my flowers.  Flacco the rooster got hosed repeatedly before he finally left it alone. Then the little ones figured out that they could fit through the slats of the fence.  Nick put a stop to that with chicken wire.

But we still needed a gate.  So I got the bright idea to use a cattle panel as an entryway trellis and made an impromptu gate with chicken wire and bamboo poles.

I planted morning glories and sweet peas on one side and moonflowers on the other.  I can't wait to see this trellis covered!  And as for what the chickens tore up, I'll have to replant.

Also, as I was setting up a tomato trellis in the veggie garden, this little guy came by to check things out:

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